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Chapter 1 (Loomba)  Lineage: “race” commonly used to denote family groups and lineage  Bloodline or heredity/ hierarchy between diff bloodlines  Centrality of sexuality evident in race as lineage  Connection b/w outer and inner qualities  Comparisons b/w apes and lack ppl  Another meaning of race derives from its association with lineage and “roots”  Faith/ Nation: idea of race as national grouping (nation= racialized category), defined by identifying ppl as a race or as a group with common heritage, bloodline, and religion  English as an Anglo-saxon race as well as a distinct national group  Nation complicated by religion  Hungarian race in opposition to muslim turks = religious and political b/c each group lives in a different place  Turks desc as race but more oft as a nation  Jews= vagabond nation, defined by their lack of affiliation to any one place  Religious underpinnings of race goes back to crusades  Religion seen to confer certain moral and physical traits (Christians thought Saracens as unreliable, dirty, and repd them as literally black)  Linguistic diff = fundamental to medieval conception of race  Some muslims can b.cm Christians but they are 2 distinct groups  Conversion  one way to destroy enemy  Idea of common descent complicated by bodily difference esp blackness  Baptized race against circumcised and turban turks  Christianity’s closest rivals: jews, islams (handiwork of devil, depicted as black)  Africa, pl = devilish savages  Gender/ Sexuality: used to define women in a group  Race denotes distinct social group whose physical difference corresponds to inner qualities  Woman and men = first races in society  Racial differences expressed in terms of gender and sexuality  Dev of racial as well as patriarchal structures  Amazons: nation and race, deviant femininity, man-kind women, threatened to spill out and aggressively overpower european men  Amazon= land of cannibalism and savagery  Non-european women desc as ugly and dangerous or beautiful  Colonial lands sexualized (My America, new found mistress)  Analogies b/w sexual and colonial contact worked to define both in terms of male possession  Europe and England also personified as women  Muslims and Africans  hypersexual, same sex practice  Early mod period: gender and sexuality= lang to express and develop ideas about religious, geographic, and racial difference.  Christian identity expressed in terms of masculinity, superiority and power, comprehended as the penetration, rape, or husbanding of an inferior feminized race  gender understood as fixed and rooted in bio  smaller brains for inferior races and females  Sexuality is central to the idea of race as understood as lineage, or a bloodline, because the idea of racial purity depends upon the strict control of lineage. In the early modern period, the term race could indicate a family, or household, a nation, a religion, a class,
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