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Majorie Rubright

Leo Africanus: Geographical History of Africa *Joannes Leo Africanus = Christian name * Keywords: skin colour, sons of noah, lawlessness, arabs and arab civility, lust, women’s desire for women, negro, bestiality, arts in fez, female witches, sheba and Solomon, Gender Inversion, Ethiopian Christians  Inhabited by 5 principal nations by the people called cafri or cafates (outlaws) o Aassins, Egyptians, Arabians, Africans, Moors  2 kinds: white/tawny moor & blackmoor  Some worship idols o/s sect of mahumet, o/s = Christians and some jews o Arabians live near sea shore, Baduinis live in the inland o Vagrant and roguish life in the deserts  Using tents instead of houses, notable thieves, troublesome to neighbours and merchants  Book one: inhabitants of Barbary, idolators before the coming of Mahomet o Embraced Christian faith when Arabians came to that part of Africa, they found Christians o Arabians got the victory, cheistians deprived of all their dominions and goods  Part went to Italy, part to spain o Barbary= mahumet law o Those Arabians which inhabit Barbary coast of Mediterranean sea study of good arts and sciences, concern their law and religion most studious of math philo and astrology o Religiously observe their religion , honour doctors and proests, whom they learn their law from o Diligently repeat certain prescript and formal prayers o Great cunning dexterity for building and for mathematical inventions o Honest people embracing all simplicity and truth o Strong valiant ppl, esp those on mountains, rather die than break a promise, so subject unto jealousy, rather lose their lives than put up any disgrace in the behalf of their women o So desirous of riches and honour, travel to exercise traffic, continually seen in Egypt, Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia, India, and Turkey (most honourably esteemed) o Faults: ppl of Barbary very needy and covetous, proud high minded addicted to wrath, void of
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