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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 6 N Despite steady growth rate, popn will still increase by greater increments N Rule of 70 [70 annual percentage growth rate = years it would take for popn to double] N Thomas Malthus unless popn was limited by lawssocial controls people would devastate themselves & reduce popn N Neo-Malthusian (Paul Ehrlich) warned popn growth would have disastrous effects on env & humans widespread famine N Technological innovations, improved sanitation, better medical care, increased agricultural output, drop in infant mortality popn growth [MalthusEhrlichs theories did not include these factors] N Humans save themselves with technological fix but too dependent ? N If resource availability & popn growth at par future: less space to live in, food to eat, material wealth than today N Popn growth = poverty more than wealth, increases a countrys economicpoliticalmilitary strength N Incentives for having children N Environmental degradation & scarcity migrantism, refugeeism, armed conflict IPAT N Increased popn = more people, more space usednatural resources usedwaste N Increased affluence = + env impact from greater per capita resource consumption (usually + wealt
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