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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 13 Outdoor air pollutionambient air pollution Air pollutants: gases and particulate material added to the atmosphere that can affect climateharm peopleorganisms Air pollution: the release of air pollutants - Wind sweeping dust brings nutrientsfungal and bacterial spores, wind erosion - Volcanic eruptions releases particulate matter, sulphur dioxide and other gases (aerosols) - Burning vegetation releases CO 2 Point source: specific spot where large quantities of pollutants are discharged Non-point source: more diffuse, consisting of many small sources - May do harm directly or they may induce chemical reactions that produce harmful compounds Primary pollutants: soot and carbon monoxide, pollutants emitted into the troposphere in a form that can be directly harmful or that can react to form harmful substances react with secondary Secondary pollutants: tropospheric ozone, sulphuric acid - Cleaner-burning motor vehicle engines and automotive technologies (e.g. catalytic converters) - Sulphur dioxide permit-trading and clean coal technologies - Precipitators and scrubbers (chemically convertphysically remove airborne pollutants before they are emitted from smokestacks) Smogindustrial smog: when coal or oil is burned, some portion is completely combusted, forming CO 2, some producing CO, and some remains unburned and is released as soot or particles of carbon Photochemical smog (brown-air smog): formed through light-driven chemical reactions of primary pollutants and normal atmospheric compounds that produce a mix of more than 100 different chemicals (mainly O 3) - Levels peak in mid-after
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