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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 15 - geothermal power from Earths core - gravitational pull of the Moon and sun ocean tides fossil fuels: highly combustible substances formed from the remains of organisms from past geologic ages oil, coal, and natural gas aerobic decomposition: in the presence of air, bacteria and other organisms that use oxygen to break down plant and animal remains into simpler carbon molecules that are recycled through the ecosystem anaerobic environment: one that has little or no oxygen bottoms of shallow seas, deep lakes, and swamps kerogen: an oil precursor formed through decomposition of organic matter which have accumulated at bottoms of water bodies + geothermal heating to create crude oil and natural gas - natural gas can also be produced nearer the surface by anaerobic bacterial decomposition of organic matter o methane and typically includes varying amounts of other volatile hydrocarbons o of global commercial energy consumption cleaner-burning fuel less pollution o Biogenic gas @ shallow depths by the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter by bacteria o Thermogenic gas @ compression of organic material + heat deep underground o Precursor materials from animal and plant matter o Maturation as organic matter is buried deeper under sediments, the pressure exerted by the overlying sediments grows and temperatures increase o Coalbed methane commonly leaks into the atmosphere during mining o Versatile and clean-burning, emitting half as much COas coal and 23 as oil
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