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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 21 - Every action affects the environment, as a result of culture: ensemble of knowledge, beliefs, values, and learned ways of life shared by a group of people - World view: perception of the world and hisher place within it - Tradition, values, religion and spiritual beliefs, political ideology, economics - Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK): the intimate knowledge of a particular environment possessed and passed along those who have inhabited an area for many generations assigned economic value (TEK may be extremely valuable to research) - Ethics: the study of good and bad, rich and wrong; moral principles or values held by a person or a society - Relativists: believe that ethics do and should vary with social context - Univeralists: some fundamental, objective notions of right and wronggood and bad across cultures and situations - Ethical standards: criteria that help differentiate right from wrong o Categorical imperative (Kant) golden rule common to many of the worlds great religions do not do what you dont want to be done to you o Utility (John Stuart Mill) utilitarian principle: something is right when it produces the greatest practical benefits for most people Intrinsic value: an inherent right to exist Environmental ethics - Sustainable development [meet our current needs without compromising the availability of natural resources or the quality of life for future generations] - Anthropocentrism: human-centred view of our relationship with the environment o den
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