Chapter 8

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 8Biotechnology and Food ResourcesIntegrated pest management combines biocontrol and chemical methodsIn integrated pest management IPM numerous technique are integrated to achieve longterm suppression of pests including biocontrol use of chemicals close monitoring of populations habitat alteration crop rotation transgenic crops alternative tillage methods and mechanical pest removalPollination is the process by which male sex cells of a plant pollen fertilize female sex cells of another plant it is the botanical version of sexual intercourseGenetic modification of organisms depend on recombinant DNAThe genetic modification of crops and livestock is one type of genetic engineering any process whereby scientists directly manipulate an organisms genetic material in the lab by adding deleting or changing segments of its DNATo genetically engineer organism scientists extract genes from the DNA of one organism and transfer them into the DNA of one organism and transfer them into the DNA or another to create a genetically modified GM organismThe technique is called recombinant DNA technology referring to DNA that has
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