Chapter 17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 17 1232011 54400 PM Chapter 17 New renewable Energy Alternatives New Renewable Energy Sources New renewable include energy from the sun wind and from earths geothermal heat and from the movement of ocean water These energy sources are not truly new but are referred to as new because 1 they are not yet used on a wide scale in our modern industrial society and 2 they are harnessed by using tech that are still in a rapid phase of development and 3 they will come to play a much larger role in our energy use in the future There are 3 major categories of applications for renewable in the worlds energy market today Power generation using wind solar tidal and other energy sources to generate electricity Space heating using solar and terrestrial energy sources to heat buildings factories Alternatives such as H and biodieselEnergy from Landfill Gas at Beare Road Methane CH4 is the main component of landfill gas gas generated by the decomposition of waste in landfills The new renewables currently provides little of our power We obtain only half of 1 of our energy from the new renewable energy sources Hydroelectric power is largely emission free in addition to being renewable The new renewables are growing quickly Although they compose only a minuscule proportion of our energy budget the new renewable energy sources are growing at much faster rates than are conventional energy sources Use of new renewables has been expanding quickly because of growing concerns over diminishing fossil fuel supplies which causes high prices and national security concerns and the env impacts of fossil fuel combustion New renewables help alleviate air pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions that drive global climate change Unlike fossil fuels renewable sources are inexhaustible on timescales relevant to human societies Developing renewables can also diversify an economys mix of energy lowering price volatility and protecting against supply restrictions
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