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Environmental Science
Mitchell Chernin

A Dependent and Independent Variables 6 Marks In each of the following lists of related variables note which the independent variable is and which the dependent variable 2 marks each is1Temperature Dependent variable Time Independent variable 2Fertilizer production per year Independent variable Nitrogen content in Lake Ontario Dependent variable 3Final mark in EESA01 Dependent variableof hours spent studying Independent variableB Providing Summary Statistics of Large Datasets 17 marks1 What is the mean daily temperature for the entire dataset What is the range in average daily temperatures for the entire dataset 3 marksAns The mean daily temperature for the entire dataset is 34C The range for the entire data set is 684C2 Calculate the mean daily temperature in degrees Kelvin for every year in the dataset each of the 45 years What is the range in this data 2 marks Daily annual mean temperature K Year Annual Mean Temperature K 1961 2770 1962 2763 1963 2766 1964 2761 1965 2747 1966 2751 1967 2749 1968 2764 1969 2762 1970 2754 1971 2757 1972 2748 1973 2773 1974 2757 1975 2764 1976 2762 1977 2771 1978 2759 1979 2755 1980 2765 1981 2778 1982 2757
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