Chapter 6

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

Chapter 6 Human Population Human Population: Approaching 7 Billion 1800 World population reached a billion. Now nearly 7 billion Doubling time 70 divided by annual percentage growth rate. Thomas Malthus a) favoured population growth and b) argued that the pressure of population growth on the availability of resources could lead to disaster. Reason these predictions havent come true yet is because we have always had a breakthrough: i.e.: technology. Demography The application of population ecology principles to the study of statistical change in human populations is the focus of the social silence of demography. Earth has a carrying capacity. Before estimates went from 1-2 billion people living prosperously to 33 billion managing to live in extreme poverty it is still unknown, as humans have these major breakthroughs in history. Demographers study population size, density, distribution, age structure,
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