Chapter 3 Notes: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 3 Notes: Plate Tectonics

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Planet Earth 2013EESA06 Chapter 3 Plate Tectonics Notes on Tuttys Key ideas of ReadingsThe Surface of our planet is broken up into about 21 tectonic plates cracked egg shellThese plates move aroundMost of the action like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happen at the boundaries places where plates touch one anotherThree different types of boundaries 1 Divergent Spreading 2 Convergent Coming Together3 Transform passing alongside one another like cars on the highway34 WHAT CAUSES TECTONIC ACTIVITY TO OCCUR IN BELTS B How Do Plates Move Relative to One AnotherPlates are moving relative to one another and this causes the plate boundaries to have tectonic activity There are three relative motions of plates across a plate boundary two plates can move away toward or sideways resulting in three types of boundaries1 Divergent 2 Convergent 3 Transform 1 Divergent BoundaryFigure 0304 b1 p57 At this boundary two plates move apart relative to one anotherIn most cases the magma fills the space between the plates2 Convergent Boundary Figure 0304 b2 p57 At this boundary two plates move toward one another A typical outcome is that one plate slides under the other one 3 Transform Boundary Figure 0304 b3 p57 At this boundary two plates move horizontally past one anotherCan see this in diagram white arrows on top surface35 WHAT HAPPENS AT DIVERGENT BOUNDARIESAt MidOcean Ridges MORtectonic plates diverge move apartSites of many small to moderatesize earthquakes and submarine volcanism
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