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Chapter 7&8

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Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Chapter 7 Sedimentary Environments and Rocks  Most of earth’s exposed surface is covered by sediment and sedimentary rocks  Sediment is transported by moving water, ice and wind and deposited in environments  Sedimentary rock is an important host of energy, mineral, and water resources What Sedimentary Environments Occur on Land?  Mountain environments: Erosion is vigorous on steep slopes and provide abundant sediment; once it is produced, the sediment can be transported out of the mountains and into other settings  Streams and Rivers in Mountains: as streams and rivers leave the mountains, they can develop a braided appearance defined by channels that split apart and rejoin  Dry climates: wind picks up and moves sand grains and finer particles; the moving grains form fields of sand dunes  When snow on mountains becomes ice flow downhill as a glacier, they erode underlying materials and carry sediment away ; the sediment and water are released upon melting of the ice  Rivers that flow over gentle terrain: when the river floods (a floodplain), mud and sand is carried by floodwaters  Where a stream or river enters a standing body of water (ocean/lake), its current slows which causes its sediment to spread out and be deposited What Sedimentary Environments are near Shorelines and in Oceans?  Beaches: stretches of coastline along which sediment has accumulated  Water near shorelines may be sheltered by offshore reefs or islands. The sheltered water, a lagoon is low quiet and warm and contain sand and mud derived from land  Sandy dunes that are inland from beaches are called coastal dunes. They form where sand and finer sediments from the beach are blown
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