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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Chapter 1Introduction to Physical Geology and the EnvironmentWhat is GeologyGeology geologosthe study of the Earthst1 known gelogical map created by Egyptians 3000 yrs agothBut discipline of geology emerged in late 18 centuryduring Industrial RevolutionRevolution demanded the attainment of minerals etcdemand for geologistsWilliam Smith 17691839Outlined and coloured the distribution of geological features on a map of a local areastProduced one of the 1 comprehensive geological map of England in 1815 which was one of the earliest geological maps aroundOften calledThe Father of English GeologythGeological mapping in North America in mid 19 century began as a result of a need to locate resources for an expanding populationSir William LoganCanadianRecognized as Canadas premier scientist during his timestCreated the 1 systematic layout of the geology of Canada by using maps diagrams and drawingsParticular interest in the benefits of geological maps to the coal industryWhat was significant about his geological mapsThey introduced crosssections a hypothetical vertical slice through the landstBecame the 1 director of Geological Survey of Canada in 1842Generated full scientific descriptions of rocks soils and mineralsEarths agethLate 17 century 1600swidely believed that the Earth was only 6 000 years oldBut now we believe it was made 4 500 miliion years agoPlanet was not created as it is now but has dramatically changed over timeMoving ContinentsAlfred WegenerGerman meteorologiststthThe 1 to suggest the movement of the continents on the Earths surface 20 century1900s1912Wrote about the Continental DriftPangeaSupercontinent that existed more than 250 million years ago All the landsthe large land mass that eventually broke apart into separate continentsHis theory was initially rejected hard to prove that continents move but after further evidence gathered overtime it was accepted in the 1960sLed to the development of plate tectonics theoryJ Tuzo Wilson 1970s
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