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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LEC01 [Chapter 1] Planet Earth January 14, 2011 Nick Eyels is a geologist o Planet earth is 4.5 billion years old o way we see oceans and lands have changed over those billions of years o continents are constantly moving (the environment changed drastically) Where we wake up tomorrow we would have moved from today Through plate tectonics we move south west at a very slow pace; around the thickness of a piece of paper every day Rocks records environment & climate changes, erosion, extreme heat or cold Glacial erratic o White stone = marble, use to be called limestone, near the Canadian Shield Rocks are used to construct maps of yesteryear Pangea = supercontinent 225mya when all the continents were together, over time the continent dispersed and broke up o Pan means all together o Gea means land Amasia o The second supercontinent in the future when the continents go back together o The supercontinent cycle, forming and breaking, is Earths history, happens every 4 billion years Stratigraphy - Science of putting rocks in chronological order in relative age Absolute age = the actual age, example: 19 years old Historical Geology - mapping changes in the earth chronologically, vector, direction of movement (SW), velocity (?) Everything is moving towards South East China, and is said to be the next supercontinent; the next Pangea o Atlantic ocean closes up Active plate margin plate movements, earthquakes o In Canada, the west coast, British Columbia has a high amount of earthquakes www.notesolution.com
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