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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 READINGCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT What is geologyGeologythe study of the earth William Smithfather of English geology he was the first to publish a geologic mapRock layers and fossils found in Bath While travelling the world he compared different rock layers Sir William Loganfirst to systematically describe the geology of CanadaManaged a coal mine and copper smelt venture His maps introduced a CrossSectiona hypothetical vertical slice through the land Looking at the minerals in Canada rocks soils etc he made a layout of the geology of Canada Believed that coal is an organic deposit Highest Canadas Mountain named after him Mount Logan What changes controlled the evolution of life forms1Positioning of the continents 2Extraterrestrial processes ex Meteorite impactsAlfred WegeneroMeteorologist Continental DriftSupercontinent called Pangeaan assemblage of all the continentsoBelieved that Pangea broke up into smaller continents that drifted apart to their present locations oCould not explain continental movement and how it happened theory rejected JTuzo Wilson Plate Tectonics Theory Transform faults Hot Spots o Young active volcanic islands stuck in the middle of oceansoResulted from a moving plate drifting over a stationary magma plume in the mantle
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