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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Chapter 4 THE EARTHS INTERIOR -earth has a radius of 6,370 km -we can only look at the crust; cannot go any further -deep parts can be studied indirectly through geophysics -geophysics includes the study of seismic waves and earths magnetic field, gravity, and heat What Can We Learn From The Study of Seismic Waves? -nuclear bomb explosions also cause seismic waves -seismic reflection: important way of learning about the Earths interior; the return of some of the energy of seismic waves to the Earths surface after the waves bounce off a rock boundary -seismic refraction: the bending of seismic waves as they pass from one material to another -boundaries between rock layers are usually distinct enough to be located by seismic refraction techniques -seismic station 2 receives waves from two pathways: a direct path and a refracted path -more info on this page 107 What is Inside the Earth? -crust, mantle, core The Crust -the crust is thinner under the oceans than the continents -seismic waves travel faster in oceanic crust than in continental crust www.notesolution.com
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