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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (beginning)

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Chapter 2 What is Plate Tectonics? - tectonics is the study of the origin and arrangement of the broad structural features of earths surface - plate tectonics: earths surface divided into a few large, thick plates that move slowly and change in size - intense geologic activity occurs at plate boundaries -where plates move away from one another, past one another, or toward one another - plate tectonics -continental drift -continents move freely over the earths surface, changing their positions relative to one another -sea-floor spreading -sea floor forms at the crest of mid-oceanic ridges, then moves horizontally away from the ridge crest toward an oceanic trench -two sides of ridge move in opposite directions like conveyor belts How did the Plate Tectonics Theory Evolve? -continents fit together like a puzzle -PangeaPangaea -laurasia, north
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