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Chapter 1

EESA06 Chapter 1 Notes

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Introduction to Physical Geology and the Environment What is Geology? derived from Greek words geo and logos, meaning the study of the Earth this discipline came into being in the late eighteenth century the first known geologic map was published in England in 1815 by William Smith o he is referred to as the father of English geology in North America, geological mapping began in the mid-19 century Sir William Logan was the first to describe the geology of Canada What Is Plate Tectonics? the plate tectonics theory considers the outermost rigid shell of the earth to be divided into a number of plates that are in motion relative to one another most geologic activity occurs at plate boundaries the movement of continents on the earths surface was first suggested by Alfred Wegener o he recognized that todays continents had been clustered together in a large land mass but had then moved apart he called this pangea o he could not explain how it had happened, that is why his theory was rejected plate tectonics has operated for at least 3.5 billion years o in this time, new plates have been formed and the older ones have been destroyed by subduction the process where the sea floor slides beneath a continent or island arc geochemists study the chemistry of
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