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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Human Health and Environment Lecture 1 (Textbook reading): The Environmental Crisis humans are altering the Earths atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere to around of the lands surface is affected by humans, carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has increased by 30% since the Industrial Revolution, more atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by humanity compared to all natural terrestrial sources combined , more than of all accessible surface fresh water is used by humans and approx of birds are extinct Decline of animals is the biggest indicator of environmental threats on human health Decline of frogs around the world (even in isolated, pristine environments) caused by: a. increase in intensity of ultraviolet (UV) light (bc of thinning of stratospheric ozone) b. traces of globally distributed toxic chemicals c. competition from introduced predator species d. infections caused by virulent fungi and bacteria The driving forces of the increasing environmental degradation transformation are: population growth & industrialization rate of industrialization has far outpaced the growth in population a. e.g. from 1950-1999, manufacturing increased 7 times and fossil fuels increased 4 times. Result on environment carbon dioxide
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