EESA10 Assignment 2

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Upholding and improving womens rights and interests including education reproductive choices economic security and health care have been called the most important activities to control population growth Explain how this might work Do you agree or disagree with the statement Improving womens rights and interests has had drastic effects on the population growth in many developed countries all around the world DixonMueller R 1999 When women are provided with education and they can distinguish between right and the wrong they can make better choices for their family DixonMueller R 1999 An educated woman is aware of the burden on resources and understands the purpose and importance of population control According to Grist the environmental news forum fertility rates remain high in areas where women are uneducated Mazur L 2011 Studies show that less than one fifth of the worlds countries will account for nearly all of the world population growth in future Mazur L 2011 The list is mostly comprised of countries which are underdeveloped where women are suppressed and lack proper education Mazur L 2011 Whereas countries where women have access to education are more aware of birth control experience healthy and controllable population growth with lower death rates Mazur L 2011 Education provides women with authority to lead their lives according to their will Akmam W 2002 It also leads to realization that less number of children translates to better quality of parental care for each child Akmam W 2002 In addition educating women reduces the span of reproduction for women and prevents child marriages which are another cause of population growth in the underdeveloped countries Akmam W 2002
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