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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Chapter 17 Additional Aspects of AcidBase Equilibria LegendText Book Mastering ChemistryWater has no buffer capacitythat is its pH changes sharply when even small quantities of acids or bases are dissolved in it Buffer Solutions solutions that can resist major change in pH when acids or bases are added to them Most important buffer system to humans buffer system that maintains the constant pH of blood 171CommonIon Effect in AcidBase Equilibria When the concentrations of acid and base in a buffer solution are equal HO Ka and pHpKa 3When there is more acid than base HOKa and pHpKa 3Solutions of Weak AcidsStrong AcidsStrong AcidHClWeak AcidHCHO Conjugate Base232CHO232Increasing the concentration of one of the products of a reactionthe common ion shifts the equilibrium condition in the reverse direction The CommonIon Effect is the suppression of the ionization of a weak electrolyte caused by adding more of an ion that is a product of this ionization Solution of Weak AcidsTheir saltsSalt of a weak acid is a strong electrolyteits ions become completely dissociated from one another in aqueous solution HO2AcidBase Properties of Salt SolutionsA salt is an ionic compound that is produced when a cation and an anion from an acidbase reaction combine In other words the cation from a base replaces a proton on an acidA simple example is the reaction
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