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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Chapter 1: Environment, Health, and Risk - Improved water, food, sanitation = improved nutrition, cleaner fuels - We have many global problems o Global warming, population growth, habitat destruction, resource depletion The Environmental Crisis - Human beings are changing the earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere o Between 1/3 and 1/2 of earths surface was changed by humans o Carbon dioxide levels increased 30% since industrial revolution o Atmospheric nitrogen mostly caused by humanity and not by natural terrestrial sources o Health reproductions of amphibians are damaged by ultraviolet light o The declining of various amphibians and animals should be a clear indication of environmental threats to human health - Today’s environmental degradation is rapidly an unprecedented global crisis o Caused by population growth and industrialization - In the past 100 years... o Manufacturing increased o Use of fossil fuels increased o Number of automobiles o Production of synthetic chemicals - In 150 years... o We have 30% concentration of carbon dioxide o Ozone destroying chlorofluorocarbons - Human made emissions have led us to acid rain Human and Ecosystem Health - Biologists and ecologists have an idea where the human health reflects the health of a complex ecosystem - Some believe humans dominate nature - Some believe that the harmful things humans do to the environment can undo itself with the help of technology - We avoid talking about the global change we are experiencing because it may be too frightening or overwhelming - Some believe we are experiencing global warming’s effects as we speak - Science has proven that the earth is warming, and GHG are part of the cause - Political leadership have begun to seek solutions to the global issues of climate change Health and the Environment - New health effects are arising and could possibly be directly from
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