Chapter 3 Textbook Notes

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

S\`W^ŷ[USZ[W_ S S^_S^WVS SYZYX[c_[Xb[USZUVWT^_SZVcS`W^ ŷŵZ`^[`[[USZ[W_ SU`b`V^WU`^WS`WV`[\S`W`WU`[ZU_SZV [_`SU`bWb[USZ[W_S^W[US`WVZWS^\S`W T[aZVS^W_ V [UWSZ^VYW_SZV_aTVaU`[Z[ZW_S^W_`W_c W^W [`WZ^[U[^ SY S^WSU W_` W_a^XSUW ŶÈŷ[XSSU`bWb[USZ[W_[ZSZVS^W[US`WVS[ZY` W^ZY[XX^Wc U _a^^[aZV_` W\SUXU [UWSZ ` W_W_ S\WSZVTW Sb[^[Xb[USZ[W_S^W^WS`WV`[` W^\S`W`WU`[ZU_W``ZYSZV`[` W^ SY SU W _`^SZVYS_U[Z`WZ` SY S_ SVW[X WW WZ`_!["YWZ_U[ZSa Za ^[Z YSSSZV& Ŷ [_`STaZVSZ`[ZW_S^W["YWZSZV_U[ZSZV`[YW` W^` WS^WUSWV_US TS_S`_` W [_`U[ [ZTa`SZVW_`W S_ [^W_USTa``_W__U[ [Z'SU`W_WbWZW__ U[ [Z SY SS_[U[Z`SZ__ STa`_YZXUSZ`S `_[XV__[bWVYS_W_ [_`cS`W^bS\[^SZVUS^T[Z V["VW ›[USZ[\W_ b[USZ[W_ SbWVXXW^WZ`_ S\W_SZVW^a\`bW_`W_` S`S^W^WS`WV`[` WU W _`^SZVb_U[_` [^XaV`[X` W^ SY S_ SY Sb_U[_`_VW`W^ ZWVT_USU[Z`WZ`SZV`W \W^S`a^W 4 SY S_c` Y W^_USU[Z`WZ`_S^WU[[W^ [^Wb_U[a_SZV SbW [^WV__[bWVYS_W_` SZ SY S_c` ^WS`bW[c_USU[Z`WZ`_ ^S\VVWYS__ZY[X Y b_U[_` SY S_`^YYW^_W"\[_bWW^a\`[Z_ TS_S`SZVSZVW_`W SY S_ SbW[cb_U[_`W_SZV^WS`bW[cYS_U[Z`WZ`_ 4 c WZ` W_W^WSU ` W_a^XSUW` W`WZV`[X[c^S` W^` SZW"\[VW WV›[USZ[W_ S^YW_`Z` Wc[^V'YWZ`_[\ZY_VW_SZVT^[SV_a `_ S [ZY` W`SW_` `_[ZS^` c WZ WS_a^WVX^[ ` W^TS_W_'[X`WZ[US`WV[Z` W[UWSZX[[^ SbWZ[ZW"\[_bWW^a\`[Z_[XbW^ [`[c b_U[_`TS_S`U SY S_ 4 ` W_W SY S_U[ WX^[ ` W SZ`WSZV SbWZ[` "WVc` _US SZVYS_ ^U SY S_ VW^bWVX^[ U[Z`ZWZ`SU^a_` 4 TS_S`U SY S_S_[ SbWZ[`aZVW^Y[ZWX^SU`[ZS`[ZS\^[UW__Tc U SY SU W _`^ _[cU SZYW_[bW^` W ^SU`[ZS`[ZZb[bW_\^[Y^W__bWU^_`SS`[Z[XVXXW^WZ` ZW^S_ ZS_[cU[[ZY SY S 4 X^_` ZW^S_`[U^_`SWS^W^U Z` WWW WZ`_ WSSZV Y'S`W^ ZW^S_c` STaZVSZ` SSZVU^_`SWS``W \W^S`a^W_ŻŴŴ .ŴŴSZV_`S`W^_USU^_`SW_Z` WX[^ [X ]aS^`S`ST[a`źŴŴ ŻŴŴ 4 S_X^SU`[ZS`[Z\^[UWWV_` W^W SZZY SY STWU[ W_\^[Y^W__bWWZ^U WVZ_US Sa ZSSZVYS_W_ 4 ` W SY SWb[bW_X^[ TS_S``[SZVW_`W`[VSU`W`[^ [`W 4 SY S[XTS_S`UU[ \[_`[ZW^a\`_S_SbS` ^[aY [\WZZY_[^bWZ`_Z` W_ WVb[USZ[W_ SZVX[c_V[cZ` W_VW_[X` Wb[USZ[ 4 U[Z__` [_`WZ`^W[XSbSX[c_Ta`X^SY WZ`WVVWT^_`W^ WV`W\ ^SUSZS_[TWW^a\`WV X^[ ` W_Wb[USZ[W_ 4 W\ ^S\S^`UW_^SZYWX^[ XZWVa_`` ^[aY Y^SbW _WVS\1Ŷ źŸ 3`[S^YWSZYaS^ T[U_SZV_ [[` _a^XSUWVT[ T_S^YW^` SZźŸ SU^[__ 4 UUa aS`[Z_[X`W\ ^SS^W^WXW^^WV`[S_\^[US_`UVW\[_`_ 4 XUW WZ`WV[^Xa_WV` WVW\[_`_S^W`W^ WV\^[US_`U^[U_ ŵ 4 DSbSUSZX[c SZ _ScSX^[ SbWZ`` ^[aY aZVW^Y^[aZVSbS`aTW_'` WcS_[X` W`aTW_ Z_aS`W` W SY SSZVWW\` [`SZVXaV'_[ W` W_SbSU[ \W`WV^SZ_X^[ ` W`aTW_ WSbZY[ZY_Za[a_USbW^Z_ [\[_ `W›[USZ[W_ S_[USWV_`^S`[b[USZ[W_!ZUaVW [aZ` a4SZV `SZW^ Z`W^SW^WVSbS_SZV\^[US_`UVW\[_`_` S`U S^SU`W^W` W_WU[ZUSb[USZ[W_ ` W_WW^a\`W__X^W]aWZ`` SZSU`bWTa`` WW^a\`[ZZb[bW_SZVW_`U[^VSU`U SY S_ SZVS^WW"\[_bW SbS_S^W^WS`bW_US^U SZVb_U[a__[^S^WX[c [^W` SZXWc _X^[ bWZ`_ ^W_\[Z_TWX[^` W [_`VWS` _SZVVW_`^aU`[Z ›[USZ U[W_ DS__WZ WSSZV [Z[U^S`W^_ZSX[^ZS `WW\ _VWV [aZV_[XSbS` S`X[^ S^[aZVbWZ`_X^[ W^a\`[Z[X Y b_U[a__US ^U SY S_ ZVW^[ZW_S_[USWV_U[^ SU[ZW_ _ Sb[USZ[W_ SVW[XZa` `[T[aVW^ _WV\WUW_[X^WV[^TSUTS_S` U[ZW_S^W^[aZV`[[bSZ_a^XSUWX[^ SZV SbWSU^S`W^S`` W^`[\ `W\ ^SX^[ W"`ZU`UZVW^U[ZW__` W7SbS^[U8a_WVcVWZU[ W^USSZV_US\ZY UZVW^U[ZW_S^WX[aZV[Z` WXSZ_[XS^YW^b[USZ[W_S[ZY_[ WZ[^ SXSa`_SZVS[ZY U^SU_[^X__a^W_ SS^_ b[WZ`Z`W^SU`[Z_[X SY SSZVY^[aZVcS`W^\^[VaUW_ SS^_ U[ZbW^_[Z[XcS`W^Z`[_`WS V^bW_Sb[WZ`W"\[_[Z` S`X[^ _SU^S`W^_ S^`[[ZW SVW T W`W[^`W \SU` ’UW[Z`SU`›[USZ[W_ SZb[USZ[W_SZVSbSX[c_W^a\`TWZWS` [^SYSZ_`YSUW^_ _aTYSUSb[USZ[W_W^a\`SZV W`S^YW]aSZ``W_[XUWSZV` a_\^[VaUW aYW[a`Ta^_`X[[V_ USWV4[a Sa\_ZUWSZV SbW[VV_ S\W_` S`cW^W\^[VaUWVT^S\VU ZY[XSbS_SZV\^[US_`U S`W^Sc WZ` W US WZU[Z`SU`c` cS`W^SZVUW ^S\VU[[ZY[XSbS_\^[VaUWVX[^ _USWV\[c_c U T^[Wa\S_` W^[WVV[cZ` W_[\W_ [X` W_aT W^YWVb[USZ[W_X[^ ZY[` W^`\W_[Xb[USZUVW\[_`_USWV\[cT^WUUS_ c W^W` WW^a\`[Z_VVZ[` W`` ^[aY ` W[bW^ZYUW_ WW`` WW^a\`[Z_ W`WV` ^[aY ` W UW\^[VaUZYSbSX[c_` S`U[bW^WV` W\[cT^WUUS_Ê` W_W_`WW\ _VWVXS` `[\\WVb[USZ[W_ SbWTWWZ`W^ WV`aS_ZSZVZUWSZV` WS^WUSWV`STW [aZ`SZ_ ›[USZ U WS`a^W_ U[ [ZZUaVWU^S`W^_USVW^S_b[USZUbWZ`_YW_W^_SZV [`_\^ZY_ ^S`W^_SVW^S_SZV›WZ`_ U^S`W^_S^WVW\^W__[Z_S`` W`[\_[Xb[USZ[W_` S`X[^ TW"\[_[Z[^U[S\_W[X` W_a ` S^WS U^UaS^`[[bSVW\^W__[Z_a\`[SXWcV[WZ _ZVS W`W^` S`X[^ Va^ZYW"\[_bWW4WU`[Z_ [X SY SSZV_aT_W]aWZ`U[S\_W[XSb[USZ[S^WUSWVUSVW^S_ 4 USVW^S X[^ ZYW^a\`[Z_S^W` WS^YW_`SZV` W [_`VWSV`\W_[Xb[USZUW^a\`[Z_Ta` X[^`aZS`W` WS^W^S^W b[USZUbWZ`_S^W[\WZZY_` ^[aY c U SbSSZV\^[US_`UVWT^_W^a\`_'_[ WbWZ`_S^W ^[aY U^UaS^'[` W^_S^WW[ZYS`WVU^SU_USWVX__a^W_ W"`WZ_bWX__a^WW^a\`[Z_ SbW\^[VaUWV aYWSUUa aS`[Z_[XZWS^ [^[Z`SSbSX[c_ USWVX[[VTS_S`_ Ŷ ü[`\^ ZY_SZVW_W^_ Y^[aZVcS`W^TWU[ W_ WS`WVc WZ`U[ W_Z`[U[Z`SU`c` [`^[U [`cS`W^USZV_U S^YWS`` W_a^XSUWS_ [`_\^ZY[^` W^ S_\^ZY W__U[ [ZY^[aZVcS`W^T[_ZSZaZVW^Y^[aZVU S TW^`[\^[VaUW\W^[VU_`WS V^bWZ ^WWS_W_[X_`WS SZV [`cS`W^USWVYW_W^_ ›[USZ[^ Y Z_ `WU`[ZU_W``ZYVW`W^ ZW_` W`\W[Xb[USZ[` S`cTW\^W_WZ` ‘ aTVaU` [Z[ZW S UWSZUU^a_`c U _VWZ_W^` SZU[Z`ZWZ`SU^a_`SZVU[ [ZU[bW^WVT` UcW` _WV WZ`__US^^WVZ`[S^`
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