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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Notes

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Financial Accounting
G.Quan Fun

Chapter 13 Strategy Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Profitability Analysis Notesbalanced scorecard BSCa document that translates an organizations mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures that provide the framework for implementing its strategythe BSC began as a fourfactor measure of corporate strategic achievement and how now expanded into multidimensional measurement of complex factors such as corporate social responsibilityUsefulness of Balanced Scorecardsthey are financial customer internal business process and learning and growthfinancial perspectivethis perspective highlights achievement of financially strategic goalsamong others measures of financial achievement include operating and net profit margins percentage increase in operating cash flow returns on capital employed ROCE return on either equity ROE or assets ROA and percentage increase in share pricecustomer perspectiveidentifies the targeted market segments and measures the companys success in these segmentsto measure its growth objectives firms use market share percentage growth in revenue new segments reached new customers and customer satisfaction however success with customers depends on how well the firm does relative to its competitorsinternal business process perspectivethis perspective requires analysis of how to improve internal operations which implicates the entire value chain of business functionslearning and growth perspectivea field of study on the identification development retention and valuation of intellectual capital which comprises human structural and relational capitalintellectual capitalthis is comprised of human structural and relational capitalhuman capital is the skill expertise experience and innovativeness of employees measured as the number of suggestions for improvements or new products structural capital includes outputs such as patents and databases and relational capital arises from experience in business relationships with both clients and suppliers measured as management of brandsFinancial Perspective Reliability and Financial Accountingorganic revenue growthgrowth obtained without mergers or acquisitionsadjacenciesopportunities to expand to markets related to the core businessBSC Versatilitydifferences in environmental employment governance regulations globally have increased exposure of firms to regulatory riskenterpris
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