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University of Toronto Scarborough
Financial Accounting
Tim Richardson

Chapter 9 NotesThe Changing InternetSoftwareasaServicesoftwareasaservice SaaS is a delivery model for software in which you pay for software on a payperuse basisin the SaaS model you pay for software on a payperuse basis using a personal application service provideran application service provider ASP supplies software applications and often related services such as maintenance technical support information storage and the like over the Internet that would otherwise reside on customers computersPhysiological InteractionAutomatic Speech Recognition ASRan ASR system not only captures spoken words but also distinguishes word groupings to form sentencesto perform this an ASR system follows 3 steps1Feature analysisThe system captures your words as you speak into a microphone eliminates any background noise and converts the digital signals of your speech into phonemes syllables2Pattern classificationThe system matches spoken phonemes to a phoneme sequence stored in an acoustic model database3Language processingThe system attempts to make sense of what youre saying by comparing the word phonemes generated in step 2 with a language model databaseSummary Student Learning Outcomes Revisited1Describe the emerging trends and technologies that will have an impact on the changing InternetEmerging trends and technologies that will have an impact on the changing Internet includeSoftwareasasservice SaaSdelivery model for software in which you pay for software on a payperuse basis instead of buying the software outrightPushtechnology environment in which businesses and organizations come you via technology with information services and product offerings based on your profileF2b2C factorytobusinesstoconsumeran ecommerce business model in which a consumer communicates through a business on the Internet and directly provides product specifications to a factory that makes the customized and personalized product to the consumers specifications and then ships it directly to the consumerVoIP Voice over Internet Protocolallows you to send voice communications over the Internet and avoid the toll charges tha
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