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Chapter 1&2

Chapter 1 & 2 broken down; high lights

Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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Chapter 1
Palaeolithic culture
Homo erectus extinct species of hominid (e.g. Beijing man, Java man)
Homo sapiens human
Early culture fire, weapon, cave paintings
Neolithic (Stone Age) revolution
Emergence of civilization (e.g. use of metal tools, irrigation, permanent settlements)
Earliest civilizations such as Egypt, Iraq/Iran, India, and China
Domestication of animals and simple farming
Prehistoric Southeast Asia
Agriculture origin origin of rice, root crops (taro, yam), domesticate animals (buffalo, pigs,
chicken), matriarchal system (lead by women)
Origin of early kingdoms and the people migration of southern Chinese, and spread of
Southeast Asian south. Spread of Southeast Asian culture and technology to China
Prehistoric China
Yangshao (painted pottery) culture
Lungshan (black pottery) culture
Shang Dynasty second Chinese dynasty, after the Xia. Uses oracle bones to record history
Prehistoric Korea and Japan
China spread millet based agriculture into Korea
Korean origin is probably near Serbia, they spoke with Altaic tongue
Japanese origins is also probably near Serbia and Northeast Asia, spoke with a
similar tongue to the Koreans
Japans earliest inhabitants are the Jomon
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