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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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Charles H

Chapter 8: Water Pollution and the City -two main water issues: contamination and ensuring the supply of clean water Wastewater in US Cities th -one of the major reforms to the industrial city of the 19 century was the creation of sewer system -by mid 20 century, the volume of sewage and storm water exceeded the ability of most plants -Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) refers to the temporary direct discharge of untreated water -occurs when a city has a combined sewer system which is prevalent in the urban centers in the Northeast and Great Lakes region -when it rains, the excess volume of sewage, clean water, and storm water is discharged untreated into rivers -the discharge consists of many pollutants, untreated sewage and debris -CSOs are the sources for beach closings and contamination of water -Sanitary Sewer Systems have separate pipes that collect sewage and storm water separately -excess storm water can overload the system and so storm water is discharged untreated due to rain -pollutants associated with CSOs and SSOs include nutrients, bacteria and other pathogens, metals and toxic chemicals Article: Point and nonpoint pollutants -two main sources of water pollution: point and nonpoint -point sources are those where there is a clear discharge mechanism -example: oil, heavy metals, acids, organic matter -point sources of water pollution are easy to monitor and control -due to the clean water legislation, point source pollution in the US has declined www.notesolution.com
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