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Andre Sorensen

GGRA03 Landscape, Nature and Environment Key concepts in the study of urban environments and urban geography:  Examines how pristine nature (trees, wildlife, water, soil, grasslands, etc.) is produced through social decisions and practices.  Nature is constantly re-produced through the evolution of social decisions and practices.  The relationship between social decisions and practices and changing natural landscapes makes it impossible to separate ‘society’ from ‘nature’.  Socio-nature: intertwining of social and natural processes in the transformation of nature.  Cyborg Urbanization: mechanical insertions into natural urban spaces.  straightening of river channels  dams  solar panels  windmills  The production of nature is highly apparent in cities due to population concentration, industrial activity and infrastructure (under and above the ground).  The urban natural landscape is always changing due to political decisions, economic interests, and public needs and uses: social production of nature  Example: Chicago River  every day on St Patrick’s Day: engineers pour green food colouring into the River,  Toronto Waterfront: landfill used to create new land Three Gorges Dam:  Three Gorges Dam: (start of construction: 1994)  It is located on 1000 km west of Shanghai along the Yangtze River in Sandouping province, China  It currently holds the largest hydro-electric power station in the world.  It represents China’s reliance on energy to meet demands of rapid industrialization and urbanization Film Analysis:  the
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