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Andre Sorensen

GGRA03 (Week 6): Smart Growth and Compact Cities Smart Growth:  1990s: North American policy for the establishment of growth management policies and practices in urban regions.  Establishment of urban growth boundaries: greenbelts  Developed within existing urban boundaries.  Nodal Development: growth focused around existing urban nodes/centres (transit, commerce, residences)  Public concern about suburban expansion.  Encroachment on regional agricultural lands – decrease in rural land.  Greenfield Development: new residential, commercial and physical infrastructure development on formerly agricultural of wilderness lands.  Government and private sector concern about economic impacts of sprawled development – economic limits to urban growth.  Government and private sectors: waste of money.  Suburban ideal based on benefits of living in country and city in one location Places to grow plan for the Greater Golden Horseshow (Southern Ontario)  2000: province of Ontario initiated Smart growth plan for southern Ontario  inspired by smart growth plans in American cities  concerned with impacts of traffic congestion on goods shipment  Places to grow plan: liberal provincial initiates Places to Grow Act (2005) and Places to Grow Plan (2005)  Guiding and managing growth in southern Ontario for next 30 years Key Components of Places to Grow Plan:
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