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Andre Sorensen

GGRA03: Week 2 (An Urbanizing World: Cities and the Environmental Problematic) Urbanization and Cities:  What is the difference between urban and city?  Definitions was first determined by Henri Lefebvre, French philosopher  Urban = the characteristics attributed to a physical space (city), more intangible in nature  City = a physical space with urban characteristics, more tangible in nature  Urban characteristics? • higher densities (population and buildings) • less farming area • higher concentration of employment • more roads and transportation infrastructure • higher concentration of political, religious, cultural and educational institutions • higher concentration of industries Urbanization: the process of becoming urban:  removal of rural characteristics of an area  associated with social and technological advancements  redistribution of populations from rural to urban settlements  migration from country to city th Urbanization through the 20 Century:  21 Century is the ‘urban millenium’ (United Nations)  1900: 13% of the global population was considered to live in an urban area  2005: 50% of the global population was considered to live in an urban area  60% of the global population is expected to live in an urban area in 2020  Urbanization level: number of people living in an area that is defined as ‘urban’  Urbanization rate: speed of urbanization process  Rise of global cities and ‘megacities’  Family connections.  Need for employment  Consolidation of agricultural practices in rural areas forces rural displacement.  Are there cities now obsolete in an age of electronic technology and the information economy?  Does place matter in a global society? Certain cities and regions have become key actors in the global economy:  Primary Global Cities - London, Tokyo, New York City  Secondary Global Cities - Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Mexico City, Toronto 3 Characteristics of Global Cities:  Command centres  Key locations and market places 
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