Notes on lecture 2 material with addition textbook notes (where possible) [lecture slides in black text, prof's speech in blue, textbook info in orange]

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Talar Sahsuvaroglu

GGRB28 Lecture 2 Illness vs. Disease Illness = subjective experience, disease = diagnosed by medical professional Epidemiology Study of disease in populations (humans and animals) Mortality vs. Morbidity Mortality death, morbidity - sickness Incidence vs. Prevalence Incidence new cases, prevalence how much is currently active Chronic vs. Acute Chronic over a long period of time, acute over a short period of time Some diseases can be both Impairment vs. Disability Impairment limitation to function (personal property), disability not being able to function in normal society (social property) Primary Care Seeing family physician (health prevention occurs here, i.e. you need to lose weight, you need to eat healthier), gateway to primary health care is through family physician Secondary Care More specialized level, i.e. hospital Tertiary Care Even more specialized, i.e. cancer care hospital where everyone is trained to
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