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Suzanne Sicchia

GGRB28 Reading The Vitality of Practice (Farmer) “In my first year there, I witnessed preventable deaths from malaria, tuberculosis, and postpartum infections” “The hypocrisies of development are not only morally flimsy but in fact analytically shallow” • World system's theory • “Aid, I learned through research, brought connections, not discontinuities, into relief • Medical services for the people I’d come to care about were simply not 'cost effective' in the increasingly dominant framework of neoliberalism • World systems theory, perhaps, helped us to see people like ourselves with one foot in Harvard and another in Haiti, as possible conduits for resources • Since roughly a third of the world's population carries quiescent tuberculosis infection, tuberculosis is probably the world's most common AIDS-associated opportunistic infection • In rural Haiti, failure to respond to therapies accounts for many of the lows, but there are just are frequently the result of a lack of something: a medicine, a diagnostic test, a bit of already published information, or cash for families who need food and housing more than they need medicines. • Successes in Haiti: early detection and aggressive therapy for tuberculosis am
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