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Michelle Majeed

Week 9 Article 2 Optimism and Pessimism in Tuberculosis Control Farmer Chapter 8 Progress in control of TB Two views optimism and pessimism Optimism talks about advances in our understanding of mycobacterial pathogenesis and the elaboration of shorter but more effective treatment regimensDOTSdirectly observed therapy short course seen as a victory by experts around the world Pessimists Emphasis on the widened gulf between the advances reported in the scholarly literature and the degree of effective control in those communities hardest hit by the disease This can be due to either increasing microbial resistance or lack of an effective vaccine In current decade 300M people will become infected with tubercle bacilli 90M will develop active tuberculosisif access to care does not become global priority 30M will die By the year 2020 in developing countries TB will be the fourth leading cause of death TB and HIV two diseases expected to cause more life years to be lost in 2020 than they cause now Though Patient noncompliance is seen as the main reason for failure to treat TBthe
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