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Michelle Majeed

GEOGRAPHIES OF TUBERCULOSIS The association of housing density isolation and tuberculosis in Canadian First Nations communities Michael Clark a Peter Ribena and Earl NowgesicbFirst nation communities experience high levels of overcrowded housing degree of isolation and rates of tuberculosis TBThe purpose of this study was to examine the association between community housing density isolation the incidence and occurrence of TB in Canadian First Nations communities Overall findings resultsTB incidence is higher in communities located in isolated areas and in communities with higher average housing densitiesIt is possible that communities with such cases experienced higher transmission rates and were more likely to be influenced by factors such as overcrowded housingAlthough an increase in community income was associated with a decreased risk of TBincome levels were higher in isolated communities where TB incidence is higher this may be due to higher wages given to employees in isolated areas where the cost of living is elevatedIt is also possible that people in non isolated communities are more likely to move to the reserves and break down the disease to the isolated places where they do not provide such servicesOvercrowded living conditions and isolations from health services are associated with an increased risk of developing TBNeighbourhood poverty is also associated with an increased risk of acquiring TBTherefore TB is more common in isolated communities where unique challenges exist in transporting patients equipments drugs and staff SummaryOvercrowded housing conditions can increase the occurrence of tuberculosisTB transmission from infectious to susceptible individualsIsolation from health services may lead to patient and provider delays in TB diagnosis increasing the risk of transmissionThe Canadian first nations population experiences higher housing densities and higher TB rates than the overall Canadian populationIncreased housing densities and geographical isolation have been associated with an increased risk of TB in Canadian First Nations communities
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