GGRA02H3 Chapter Notes -Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands

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29 Oct 2014
Bobiwash-History of Native People in Toronto.
Prior to Settlement:
The Toronto Islands were important stopping places for the native fishery and were
described as places of healing and spiritual renewal.
The Toronto area offered a rich habitat for Aboriginal societies practicing hunting and
gathering and those pursuing agricultural/horticultural activities.
Toronto area supported many different types of habitat which in turn supported various
forms of wildlife.
Aboriginal people didn’t need too much time to fulfil their subsistence needs so they had
a lot of time for leisure.
The Great Lakes moderated the climate in Toronto.
The original; inhabitants were called the “Ckovis” people and they inhabited the area
between 9000B.C. and 5000B.C.
Extensive trading networks had been established across the Americas before the arrival of
People would trade from area to area to get what they needed.
Early Stages of Contact with Europeans:
Aboriginal people entered into agreements with colonists to protect them and feed them
and to have them live peaceably in their lands.
Each nation would travel together as long as it was beneficial to each but that each would
remain in their own vessel neither interfering with the other.
A chain was used a symbol of trust between Native and non-Native nations. When the
chain broke it would mean the end of their relationship.
A period of European Exploration and settlement:
The first non-Native visitors to Toronto area were fur traders and missionaries in the early
The rich mouths of the rivers flowing into Lake Ontario were used on an annual basis by
the Anishnawbe to harvest fish.
About fifty percent of Iroquoian people died during the 1640s from the introduction of
European diseases.
Many of the dead were elders and the communities were robbed of their leadership at a
time it was most needed.
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