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Notes on Thinking Geographically (Reading)

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Michael Bunce

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Thinking Geographically by Peter Jackson
Action Plan for Geography
-Process and skills
Space and Place
-Place (Tuan): Humanized space; abstract world made my humans through emotion and
-Space (Massey): concrete, grounded, real like place
-Space (Harvey): process through time-space change in which the world becomes smaller
through capital investment, leading to technological, social, political, and cul tural change.
oRoutes connect places
oPlaces are both unique and connected to other plac es
Scale and Connection
-Hierarchy of scales: urban to regional; national to international
-Connections between scales: cinematic analogy
oDecisions made at local levels have consequences on the global level; decisions at
the global levels also affect local regions
oChanges in the places people live effect not only t he economic and cultural
processes; it shows how prof its affect other places.
o(ie. New York: examples of gentrification due to new lof ts being built and the
poor have to move to t he Lower East Side
Proximity and Distance
-Social/imagined distances: technology has brought us closer socially through online
communities such as Facebook, twitter, forums, etc.
-Tsun ami in 2005: networking of teachers was available to te ach students about the ways
to help with relief in that country. However, even with the amount of technology used to
think of ideas for solutions. The geographical location of that area makes it physically
inaccessible to resources to repair the damage t aken place.
-Social inequalities continue to persist in citi es (ie. Child poverty, education, food
Relation al Thinking
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