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22 Apr 2012

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- 1945-1967
- late 1945 > Chinese Nationalist Party (Guomindang or KMT) took control of Taiwan
- in order to achieve true Chinese Restrocession > the nationalist set about stripping
Taiwanese culture of its Japanese legacies while simultaneously restoring an
essential and timeless Chineseness
- Guangfu = Glorious return
- policies of de-taiwanization were enforced > degraded any distinctively Taiwanese
- decolonization:
o mass changing of street and geographical names
o conversion of all public civic meeting halls kokaido > Zhongshantang
o outlawing of Japanese geta sandals and Japanese speech in schools
- these policies were designed not only to cut the colonial links to Japan, but also to
nip in the bud any heretical links btw a culturally distinctive and politically separate
- Tiawanese portrayed as: shameless collaborators; degraded people lacking the
heroic instincts of their mainland cousins ; children
- ROC media report portrayed Taiwanese athletes as confused and disoriented by the
slave life they had led for the past century
- ^ after 1945 the Twainese Investigatein Committee recommended that “after the
takeover the cultural policy should be focused on promoting national consciousness
and eradicating the slave mentality
- after 1 year: Nationalist government announced ban on Japanese language
- government confiscate items like records, publications, and flags in order to aid
their mission of eradicating Japanese influence
- valuable exception baseball could be to the rule of destroying the defeated Japanese
- the Nationalist state had promoted physical culture in their attempts to nurture a
strong and healthy chinese populace and state on the mainland > key to building a
modern national consciousness
- official endorsement of baseball = one method of officialy Sinicizing a powerful and
popular cultural realm that still represented a Pandora’s box of colonial thinking
and customs
- baseball included @ first Taiwan Provincial Games (Oct 1946) @ National Taiwan
- ^ meet was important bc: the gaol is to make the compatriots of all Taiwan
understand the importance of national/racial health and not for the purpose of
producing athletes for specific competitive events which is the same and just as
meaningless as circus performances
- $2 Taiwan million spent on this meet
- February 28th Massacre > began the era of White Terror = baise kongbu (lasted
decades under the nationalist rule)
o Several Guomindang agents beat up 40yr widow for selling black market
cigarettes > Taiwanese were angry @ Nationalist regime > protest and
violence > Nationalist arrested and executed several of Taiwanese elites that
they thought posed a threat to the regime
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