HISB31H3 Chapter Notes -Sharecropping, National Industrial Recovery Act, Soil Conservation

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
The New Deal:
- Franklin Roosevelt believed regional economic planning would
promote economic growth, ease the domestic and working lives
of Americans, and keep control of key natural resources in public
rather than private hands
- Changed the meaning of liberalism > referred to the active
efforts by the national government to uplift less fortunate
members of society
- The New Deal elevated a public guarantee of economic security
to the forefront of American discussions of freedom
- Time of social upheaval > social and political activists > labor
movement placed new issues on the political agenda
- Economic security > had at last been recognized as a political
condition of personal freedom
- Regional economic planning reflected this understanding of
freedom ^
- Social Security Act > offered aid to the unemployed and aged
- First Labor Standards Act > established a national minimum
- New Deal significantly expanded the meaning of freedom, it did
not erase freedom’s boundaries ..its benefits flowed to industrial
workers but not tenant farmers, to men (more than women) and
to white americans more than blacks who in the south were still
deprived of basic rights
Roosevelt Franklin:
- Symbolic representative of ordinary citizens
- His willingness to throw off the dogmas of the quite past to
confront an unprecedented national crisis
- He promised a new deal for the American ppl
- Conceived of the new deal as an alternative to socialism
- He hoped to reconcile democracy, individual liberty, and
economic planning
- Drew on the reform traditions of the progressive era
- Saw bigness as inevitable in a modern economy… so the
competitive marketplace, they argued, was a thing of the past,
and large firms needed to be managed and directed by the
government, not dismantled. > this view called the first new deal
The banking crisis:
- spent much of 1933 trying to reassure the public
- he confronted a banking system on the verge of collapse. As
bank funds invested in the stock market lost their value and
panicked depositors withdrew their savings, bank after bank had
closed its doors
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