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Jin Park

MARKETING HEALTH AND THE MODERN BODY PATENT MEDICINE ADVERTISEMENTS IN MEJITAISHO JAPANChujotoname of a patent medicine that was sold in the beginning in 1893 o Promoted female reproductive health eased the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth alleviated menstrual difficulties and uterine disease o Among the most heavily advertised of the many patent medicines on the market at the time o Appeared in newspapers magazines handbills posters billboards o Companys trademark image of Chujo princess medical ads of Meiji and Taisho Japancapable of eliciting a welter of associationsassociations that point to the complex and evolving relationship among the states vision of the bodies of its citizens commodity culture and modern subjecthoodmid 17Cpatent medicines became an important part of Jap medical culture wide varieties of remedies available in cities towns streets markets fairskusuriyamedicine shopsShinkyoganremedy for intestinal problems produced in Shiga Province prized as a souvenir by travelers on the Omi HighwayPatent medicine ads first appeared1680s same time for kimono fabricsAds for patent drugs differed from those of other retail products o They were comparatively dense with text lengthy descriptions of the origin of the drug symptoms for which is was effective directions for use o Txt often centered on claims about the miraculous nature of the medicine the formula usually a gift from a deity or heroic stature to the ancestoro secret family transmissionkanden hiyakuanddivine gift shinju appear frequently and in enlarged lettering 19C ads were designed to entertain and amusemade use of images by wellknown woodblock print artists and txt by popular writers of fiction Safe birth decoctiondrug to prevent miscarriage and difficult childbirtho Image utagawa Toyokuni of a woman in courtesan attire holding the producthumorous bc contrast reproducing body of wifeearly modern perioddiffthe new culture of advertising 19C propelled by the creation of new forms of print media such as 1 Newspapers 1860 2 magazines 1870 3 woodblocksprinting presso 1880s and 90s advertisement newspapers large billboards roof of buildings transportation routes telephone poles streetcars railway cars o 1910 giveaway goodsfans calendars paper ballonsJintanpilldigestive aid and rejuvenator 19Cadspublic and private spacesfirst 2 make the new medium of the newspapero Hotanremedy for intestinal problemscholera
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