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Week9KalpanaKumarasalamSparta Athens and the Classical AgeThe Rise of AthensSparta and AthensThe 300 Spartans at ThermopylaeAthena Parthenon Model in ROM Athens Ramshackle fortress on a hill not a grand city until later in history Sympoliteia being together in politics brought Attica roughly 1000 sq miles came thunder Athens control by the 8 century Athens earliest gvntsaristocratics and small set of families controlled its military and judicial affairs Clans continued to dominate Athenian life despite the failed coup of Cylon and the draconian laws of DracoTried to override old aristocratic system and set themselves as rulers of AthensSolons Reforms Solon an aristocrat with a reputation for wisdom was empowered to draw up new laws that would alleviate the sufferings of the poor Solons first act was to make it illegal to secure a debt on an Athenian persons freedom and he freed those who had already been enslaved in debt In this bold measured called the seisachtheia shaking off of burdens Athenians shackles of debt were removedSolon did not ban the enslavement of nonAtheniansHalfmytholical figure and laid foundations for what to comeThe Pisistratid Tyranny Taking advantage of simmiering unrest Pisistratus a distant relative of Solon seized power in coup Like other tyrants he pushed through commercial expansion and building projectspeople formely out of work gained employment He was not popular among the conservation side After death he passed his power to his 2 sonsHippias and Hipparchus and attempted to maintain their fatghers legacyHipparchus was killed by the lovers friends and his brother was driven out Homosexual relations The Reforms of Cleisthenes Established 10 tribes each composed of a third from one of Atticas 3 geogprahical diisons and constructed from demes village or neighboroughood precincts People who lived in the city farmers and the coastCitypoorwanted more job support ready to fall in any ruleInteriorconservative less democratically inclinedCoastinterested in commerece commercial family oligarchy style gvnt increasing ties with other people around the world
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