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Neville Panthaki

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Scramble for Africa N Berlin Conference N re-drawing of the maps of Africa N forced migration and merging of peopletribespopulations in Africa N imperial expansion with Britain leading N Belgian Congo King Leopold N RwandaBoer War o identity cards (categorizing, identifying, separating) o restriction of mobility o large scale violence (death increases) N colonial administration N socio-economic effects N indirect vs. direct rule N South Africa as British colony N German expansion N British established it as colonial head, by military, economic, and standard of rational because they are all of sudden calling for the abolishment of slave trade N abolition of slave trade (UK) Civil War and America N Monroe Doctrine N westward expansion N north vs. south o slave labour concentrated in south, making up 13 population, due to plantation and agriculture o north had only about 1% slaves in their population because they were more industrial o circulation of slavesprofit vs. labour) N Abraham Lincoln said in Canada that slavery was needed and he never condemned it really N Black leaders movementBooker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey N imperialist (economic) vs. securitydefence o in America, it was put forth that imperialism was important for securitydefence o Monroe Doctrine said that the US was against European imperialism in US backyards N America would need naval power (Pacific and Atlantic), however most important was the Panama Canal because the Panama Canal was a connection between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, which was lucrative economically (charging fees to pass through it) as well as milita
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