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Tutorial 4 Notes

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Neville Panthaki

st 1 ApocalypseGreat War I N fight between empiresTurkey, Russia, France, Belgium N Germany wants to rule Europe o trade union N Pros o colonial expansionGermany N Cons o industrial war (machine guns, mustard gas, submarineswar zones) o warfare (trenches, frontline combat) o large number of casualties o efficient organization on the part of Germans N technological advances being made as the war was happening and right before the war N first industrialized war of such a scale N 20 30 million people was the largest political mobilisation in China N Germany is considered the youngest country, which is trying to establish itself N Germany propaganda depicted Britain as an aging person N the war can be related to sibling war over area and material items N crisis: Boer War 1901, Moroccan Crisis 1905 1906, Russian Revolution N the Russians, French, and Italians were all angry at Germans, they all wanted their territory back N while Germany did not have any friends, they had allegations, especially Austria-Hungary N advantages of war: o territory, financial gains, labour gains o technological advancements o national prestige N disadvantages of war: o casualties, reparations, territorial loss o Germany is in a position where they can be attacked by all sides because all are against them o trade relations are hurt N to promote war: o propaganda France and Russia threat (media) raising nationalism amongst Germans conscription with the rise of commodity culture, there is a rise of propaganda Hindenburg MythHindenburg goes and defeats Russian army on battlefield, which is used to raise pride amongst Germans on the basis of war offensive policies authoritarian government socialists against war were brought down in the public as having not enough nationalism, being with the enemies, and were thrown in jail and shamed in the public N war is lucrativeneutral countries experienced booms in economy as their products were in demand Fischer Reading N What? Germans are to be blamed for the outbreak of WWI o foreign policy aggressive, offensive annexation of France and Belgium pushing back Russia imperial expansion in Africa putting themselves in direct competition with France, Britain, and Belgium N French wanted their territory back, Italians wanted Tyrol back, British were angry that Germany was emerging as a military power and trying to enter Africa Midterm Review N studying for examread, make notes, looking for common terms, cue cardsnamespersons, dates, significance, answering questions, drawing connections and visualizing it, N questions on syllabus are good guide for studying for midterm N 10 definitions which can betime period (1914, 1871), person (Mahan, Wilson), wars (Crimean War, Boer War), eventspolitical system (Bismarckian System, Twenty-One Demands, Meiji Constitution) www.notesolution.com
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