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Tutorial 8 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

World War II N total warcivilians, technological warfare, prisoners of war increases N Nazi Partyplanned agenda or circumstance o Blood and SpaceBlut und Boden o anti-Semitism the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people N the US and Nazi Germany both had anti-interracial marriage laws N the human ladder presented by Hitler are also seen in the caste system in India and by the British in the 5-colour system Mao Zedong N wealthy farming family N Confusionist educationeducated locally (did not travel abroad) N talked about peasant revolts N rural, localized setting N uses emotions and tries to get audience passionate about what he says N uses emotional address to experienced peasants N someone who wont sit around in an office, instead, wants to experience everything first-hand N says violence that peasants are using on evil gentry is necessary because of the way the gentry treated the peasants N he excuses the violence because they have been oppressed and are now fighting back N not only uses an emotional address but appeals to the audiences emotions N comes from the very class that he is criticizing Sun Yatsen N pe
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