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Tutorial 10 Notes

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Neville Panthaki

N 4 definitions and 2 essay questions N definition questions will be similar to midterm N cumulative, but with a heavier emphasis post-midterm N the definitions can be used in the essay questions as well N at least 5 10 points for each definitionanswer the when, where, why, who, what, how questions WWII and Its Consequences N Nazi Germany o Holocaust o Hitler N Mussolini N Japan o Pearl Harbour o atomic bomb Nagasaki Hiroshima o colonization N Blitzkrieg o Japanese o German N Chamberlain N Roosevelt N Churchill N Soviet Union N British colonies independence o India o Palestine WWI, WWII, The Aftermath, Decolonization Places People Years Events Other N Hitler N Rhineland N Stalin & Lenin N Blitzkrieg N Germany, Italy & N Mussolini N Holocaust Japan N Churchill N Roosevelt N 1942 N atomic bomb N Vichy France N Wilson N 1939 (Nagasaki & N League of Nations N Sudetenland N Marx & Engels N 1945 Hiroshima) N Manchuria, China N Chamberlain N concentration camp N Malaya N Treaty of Versailles N Sun Yatsen N Mao Zedong N possible questions o Why did Japan side with Germany instead of Britain during WWII? RussiaGermany on the west and Japan on the east two-front war Japan was against the British because they were stationed on land that Japan wanted and because of British colonies that Japan wanted o What led to the breakdown of fascism in Italy? Germany much more unity in terms of ideological belief, while Italy had disparity between ideology, and between the North (industrial) and the South (agrarian) o Explain the emergence of Mao and communism in China. o The questions in the syllabus are good study questions and questions that can appear on the exam www.notesolution.com
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