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HISB91 Weeks One to Five

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William Nelson

4162012 82200 PM Week 1World War I and Its Aftermath LectureIntroduction to the courseLectureWorld War I and Its Aftermath John Merriman A History of Modern Europe 863 956968 977989Assassination of Ferdinand of AustroHungary set of entangling alliance battlesWWI crippled German economy and repirations were unreasonably high same as cost of the entire War for Germany therefore Germany had to sell its gold which inflated its currency and BOOM HYPERINFLATION Post WW14 Empires Brokenup o AustroHungarian German Turkish Russian Newmodern forms of nations emerge o Poland o Yugoslavia o Czechoslovakia o Latvia o Estonia o Lithuania Week 2Revolutionary Russia The Great Depression and Cultural Ferment LectureThe Russian Revolution Merriman A History of Modern Europe 927954Joseph Stalin after Lenins October Revolution and passing began to consolidate power ruthlessly Established state socialismWars not proletariat revolt was the main catalyst to the Revolution Loss to Japanthe Great War o Russian losses in WW1 were great and pressured tsar Nicholas II o MensheviksSocial Revolutionaries argued for defense against Germany Bolsheviksinternationalists saw it as a war between capitalist powers not concerning Russia o After food shortages in 19161917 Tsar restructured government and went into seclusion with family o JanFeb the majority of the city went on strike 1917 o Soc Rev Mensheviks and Bolsheviks all overthrew Petrograd Liberals only wanted reform o Tsar went to Moscow but it was also overthrownNicholas stepped down family placed under house arrest o Only about 1000 killed in revolutionNow factions fought over provisional governmentOctober Rev Bolsheviks take powerVladimir Ilyich Lenin What Is to Be Done 1902Revolution must be carried out by group of expert revolutionaries o 1Russian withdrawal from war o 2No support for provisional gov o 3Call for revolution in other countries o 4Seizure of large estates by peasantsThe dictatorship of the proletariat Believed comradery would trump corruptionWorst thing for his cause was those who couldnt defend ithe believedCIVIL WAR1918 antiBolshevik insurrectionWhites vs RedsFeb 1918 State proclaims nationalization of landLectureThe Great Depression and the Cultural FermentMerriman A History of Modern Europe 9891000Worldwide inflation post WW1RusGerAus trading block weakened through unstable political conditionsGermanys cheap credit attracted investors but it was based on insufficient real assetsGermany borrowed from US US soon refused to continueinvested in own banks
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