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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Institutioanl gatekeepers. In the decades after ww2, international music nights, parades and pageants, craft shows and folk socities were among the popular strategies used by candian instituional gatekeepers to bring about consolidation of the nation. 1.Educate canadains of democracy and pride of belonging 2.assist newcomers integration by interepreting candian cukture to them. One way to this was to facilatte cultural exchanges betwen new and old cC. Ofiicals of the citzenshio bracnh saw cultural events as excelltn tools for nation unity. “unity in iversty” These cultres wre mainly valued for heri capactity to enrich candaina society. The international intsituition of metroplitan toronto liased with citizenshop branch. CONTAINMENT: The institue promoted cultural pluralism inoced cleansing the newcomers threatening elemnts and reducing intricate traditions . STRATEGY OF BOTH CULTURALAPPROPRAITON AND ETHNIC CONTAINMENT. : CRACK IN THIS STRATEGY. Cultural interpreters: Origins and Agendas. The internationation institute of metropolitan toronto aimed to bring about essential readjustments in the newcomers ocial psy and cultural makeupeL turn them into ideal candain citizens. Aspired to become a meeting place for the migling btwn old and new. Facilatae mutaul respect for each others cultures. Local uN,: Harmonious, democracits and multiethnic canada. NATIONAL BRANCH : -kayes in charge of liasing with elite. Ethin press editors. Pro demorcay materials. -promoted english provided “tools of citizenship training” -emphaized that it was 2 way street: required commitment of both established and new canadians. -no attempt to mold them into anything else. •depicted them in positive light. Eager and anxious for opportunites. -However ignored gengder gap. Kaye: patient, time. Effort metaphors lame: bread farmer. SALAD. P81. •officals worked with coyuntless ethinic organizations. Organized festives, chors, art. Cultural events •Kayes believed they had specialzed knowlegde of ethnic group and exchanged info. ' INTERNATIONAL INSTITUE OF METROPOLITAN TORONTO: •not agree with integreation, avoided use thier iwn language. •Share aim of ethinic group joining democratic forces. •Did not clearly define ethnic groups or culture •Nell west. •Staff include middle class canadian professional and volunteers and sie some newcomers mainly middle class europeans. •The institute has 3 roles: community relations and advocacy work; group services and individual service - local un with mix of people enjoying cultural program. Reaching out to “ethnic groups” Canadian branhc: organization cushion fro shock absobers. Institue: hostile to idea of ethnic organizations serving as agets of canadainaizations. Just wanted peopl in their own group. : saw best way of intergration as to replace role of ethnic group as quickly as possible. Retared canadization p 85. Disperse into wider population. Howev
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