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UTSCHISC45H3Franca IacovettaWinter

HISC45H3 Chapter Notes -Great Famine (Ireland), Migration Period, Canada Men'S National Soccer Team

OC12805512 Page
26 May 2014
Week 2, great migration era : 19th cent british immigrants; case study of irish. 100 000 irish immigrants came to canada in 1847, caused by great potat
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UTSCHISB10H3Kate CooperFall

HISB10 Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 Notes

OC2198814 Page
8 Oct 2014
18th century b. c. people of mycenae carved a large circle into rock, called grace circle b. Tholos tombs were tombs that resembled underground stone b
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UTSCHISC65H3Natalie RothmanWinter

HISC65 Chapter 2: Week 2 .docx

OC834363 Page
23 Feb 2015
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UTSCHISC 27Vanessa Mc CarthyFall

HISC 27 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Pomegranate, Piccolo, Fornication

OC5116752 Page
18 Jun 2016
Toward the end of the middle ages, new instruments and institutions for containing sexual activity emerged, for individuals both within marriage and wi
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UTSCHISC65H3Natalie RothmanWinter

HISC65H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Confraternity, Ecclesiastical Court, Pope Leo Iii

OC1243584 Page
10 Mar 2015
Praise of the city of venice 1493 (pg. Built out of fear; founded not by shepherds as rome was but by powerful and rich people. Situated in salt water
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UTSCHISC 27Vanessa Mc CarthyFall

HISC 27 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: As Nancy, The Mismeasure Of Desire, Acculturation

OC5116754 Page
18 Jun 2016
The search for true sexuality or the truth of sexuality has occupied humankind from ancient times but the word itself didn"t come into being until the
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UTSCHISA04H3Daniel BenderSpring

HISA04H3 Chapter Chapter 2: Themes In World History Reading Notes 2

OC23943085 Page
26 Feb 2018
Capitalism emerged in 18th century britain when the demand for industrial production was sparked by increased consumption and market proliferation. It
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UTSCHISC26H3William NelsonWinter

HISC26H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Bourgeoisie

OC5116751 Page
17 Jun 2016
Women were allowed to leave the house when they were needed after men failed. When women were going to church, they were learning how to read in french
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UTSCHISA07H3Jonathan FergusonFall

Week 9 - HIS.docx

OC1688366 Page
19 Sep 2014
Ramshackle fortress on a hill, not a grand city until later in history. Sympoliteia (being together in politics) brought attica roughly 1000 sq miles c
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UTSCHISB61H3Michael GerversSummer

HISB61H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Cartacapital, Jousting

OC5116752 Page
27 Oct 2016
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UTSCHISC 27Vanessa Mc CarthyFall

HISC 27 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Sexual Intercourse, Orgasm, Foreplay

OC5116753 Page
18 Jun 2016
The sexual discipline which the whole citizenry was to adopt was both more all- embracing and less well defined than it had been before the reformation
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UTSCHISC 27Vanessa Mc CarthyFall

HISC 27 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Nocturnal Emission, Mortal Sin, Fetus

OC5116754 Page
18 Jun 2016
Humours wherein men were relatively hotter and drier, women cooler and wetter. Aristotle denied that women produced seed, emphasized the differences be
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