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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 King Cholera

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Chapter 8: King Cholera Page 159-188
- A.k.a. cholera morbus, cholera of death
- Max von Pettenkofer committed suicide because of cholera morbus (cholera of death), but not because
of the disease itself, but his failed theory of it factor in air, x, when united with factor in soil, caused
- 1835: Cholera swept across Russia and into Munich (Pettenkofers home city) where public water was
filthy and drank by the poor (died by diarrhea and fever).
- Epidemic began in slums, the poor suffered the most, but the rich suffered as well.
- Cholera was believed to travel by air.
- Pettenkofer thought it was caused by filth, laziness, and neglected hygiene unhealthy environment.
- John Snow said that the pump in the neighbourhoods most affected had white flocculent particles;
Pettenkofer dismissed Snows findings because he did not take soil into consideration.
- In 1857, Louis Pasteur demonstrated that fermentation required a living microbe (yeast) & that wine
soured b/c \
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