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15 Apr 2012

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- The very idea of women’s health is a concept in the making
- Concern with the limited ways in which women’s bodies have been understood
- Focus on the ways social conditions and inequalities that shape health
- Analyses shouldn’t be geared towards gender alone, but should contextualize women in their
diverse social and economic circumstances
- Canada;s history as a colony and colonizing power is important to look at
o Canada’s approach to multiculturalism, its history as a destination for immigration
means health is beyond national boundaries
- Aim of the book is to expand idea of women’s health via critical analysis
Women’s Health in Canada
- Canadian women rank as some of the healthiest and longest living in the world
- Canada had the ninth highest life-expectancy for both sexes
- Life expectancy longer for women than men
- Although women live longer they
o Die prematurely from preventable conditions
o Die in the prime of life in greater numbers than men
o Experience higher levels of disability than men
- Aboriginal women experience higher rates of circulatory problems, respiratory problems,
diabetes, hypertension, and cervical cancer
- Income gap between the wealthiest and poorest Canadians is widening and poverty increasing
in new immigrants, single parents, aboriginals
- Pressures of corporatization and privatization to Canadian healthcare system at the moment
Women’s Health and the Canadian Health Care System
- Canadian health care system has helped shape women’s health
- Not all services are covered in the Canada health act
- Difficult for women to find private health insurance at times (not provided by work)
- Women face greater financial barriers when health care costs are privatized
- Shifts from institutionalized to community based health care has been made in Canada
- Differences in access to health care between men and women. Gender, race, ableism, ethnicity,
etc all play a role in determining access.
Evolving Theoretical Perspectives on Women’s Health
- Without explicit attention, gender inequities and differences are often overlooked
- Challenge the very paradigms within which research is designed and conducted
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