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Chapter 3

HLTC05H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Sleep Deprivation, Uptodate

Health Studies
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Mikkonen & Raphael - Chapter 5 - Unemployment
job security in Canada has been decreasing over the past few decades, with people having
various arrangements like working part time, being self-employed, or having temporary work
OECD calculates employment protection index of rules/regulations that protect employment
and provides benefit to temporary workers-- Canada scored 26 out of 28 nations
insecure employment consists of intense work with non-standard working hours, is associated
with higher rates of stress, bodily pains, and a high risk of injury
Excessive hours of work increase chances of physiological and psychological problems such as
sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, and heart disease, which also stresses personal
2. Which groups are at greater risk for job insecurity (unemployment, underemployment)?
Women are over-represented in precarious forms of work. While women constitute just
over 40%of full-time workers, they represent 75% of parttime permanent workers and
62% of part-time temporary workers
In 1975, 13.6% of women were working part-time and that figure has increased to
27.3% in 2000
3. Which structural factors need to be addressed to offset the ill effects of job insecurity?
national and international institutions need to make legal mandates that make agreements that
provide basic employment standards and work for everyone
power inequalities between employers and employees must be reduced through stronger
legislation hiring, pay, training,
unemployed Canadians must be provided access to adequate income, training and employment
through enhanced government support
more policy relevant research must be pursued to support govt's decision making and to have
an accurate up-to-date picture of Canada's job security
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